Here Is What Your Breast Shape May Reveal About Your Personality

Your personality is what defines you. It tells what kind of a person you are and what all you have in you. Now, every day we come across articles where people have tried to find different personality traits based on different things. At times, it’s your nature or something as such and at others, your body parts. Yes, that’s what the thing is. People or rather, experts can aptly categorize your traits based on how you look or how your body parts are. Be it your chin shape, your fingers, the shape of your breast. And most of the times, these things are pretty accurate.

Here are the personality traits based on what shape your breasts are!

#1. Cherry Shape (perky and spread apart)

You are bubbly by your nature and is someone who people want to hang out with. You love going by your instincts and are very spontaneous. The complete entertainer with the right amount of passion and courage.

#2. Nectarine Shape (small and pendant, with large nipples)

The word nectarine means the food of the gods. And that’s exactly the kind of personality women with such breast are. You love giving away and are downright selfless. You stay away from drama and chaos and are very peace-loving.

#3. Lemon Shape (symmetric and petite)

If you have lemon shape breasts then your personality is something different from others. You are strong headed and love to spend time with yourself. Listening to music, reading, movies and other things as such are just your thing. You even have a pretty balanced emotional life.

#4. Orange Shape (medium, round and facing away)

You are one of those few people who can aptly judge someone. Observing others closely and guessing the right things without being judgemental is something you are best at. Your heart of gold personality is uncanny. Women with such shaped breast are the perfect partners.

#5. Pineapple-Shape (large, with prominent nipples)

Not everyone manages to see the silver lining and you are amongst the few who can. Happy and hospitable by nature, people adore you. And that sense of positivity in your personality is what makes people get attracted to you.

#6. Apple Shape (small, facing away, and sloping downward)

If you have apple-shaped breast, then you are someone who loves adventures. You are out-going and have this zeal of exploring the world. Your personality is what brings people close to you. They love your wit, humor, and grace.

#7. Mango Shape (medium in size and facing away)

Kind of secretive in nature, you have a very close group of people, the ones you heavily rely on. You have set high grounds for yourself and it’s really important for you to stay on it.

#8. Melon Shape (globular and forward facing)

The diplomat kind of person, that’s what you are. People find you trustworthy and easily confide their secrets to you. Your helping nature and personality are what makes you the best. You define humanity beautifully.

#9. Papaya Shape (elongated and pendulous)

You are a born leader and exactly know what you want and how to get it. You love being successful and are goal-driven & oriented. And You have calm but really strong personality and love to do reach your dreams.

#10. Plum Shape (small, with downward nipples)

Women with such shaped breast are this ball of energy who is charming at the same time. Becoming the center of attraction is something that comes naturally to you. The zeal of taking a risk and exploring everything is what makes you the hero.

#11. Pear Shape (large nipples, triangular and facing downward)

If you have pear-shaped breasts, then you are someone with an optimistic kind of personality. You understand yourself and that’s the best thing ever. You are even sensual and fierce independent.

#12. Grapefruit Shape (immensely bulbous and facing away)

You have that artistic sense, you love creating things and are very careful with the tiniest of details possible. You are exactly what an artist is supposed to be, messed up yet solved. Confident, independent and self-esteem in nature are what makes your personality the best.


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