Here’s What It Means If Your Man Loves To Go Down On you!

Who doesn’t like when someone goes down to them, irrespective of if you’re a man or a woman, right? If you’re a girl, you might enjoy when your guy goes down to you, but did you ever wonder why he loves it so much? Have you ever thought there might be hidden meaning to “why” your guy wants to go down to you? We’re here to answer all of your questions. Now the first reason is because of the phenomenal view. Even if you are insecure about your body, when your guy is down there seeing it all, he is totally turned on, so keep that in mind the next time you get all insecure and uncomfortable!

So we have made a list of things that could mean if your man loves to go down on you and give you immense pleasure!

1. Bring Back The Excitement

Your guy may believe you’re tired of him today and doing the exact things with him. This might be the reason he needs to make you feel the excitement .

2. Decreases The Risk Of Preeclampsia

However risky preeclampsia be, ingesting fluid doesn’t decrease the likelihood of its happening. Hence, don’t be afraid to inform him that it isn’t working for you in the event you get bored with that.


3. What He Might Be Thinking

He may believe that you love the attention of other guy or perhaps you cheat on him if you discover someone better. He is trying to just hide his insecurities and let you know that you won’t find a better guy than him.

4. He Goes Down More Often While Making Out?

He might think he is doing you a s3xual favor by going down, or even helping particular medical conditions which are rumored could be cured by the tongue.

5. What Matters Is How You Feel When He Goes Down On You

Trust and abilities can be both taken under account if you like a guy going down on you. Some enjoy it while others do not. You may be good at it or you may not. But bear in mind it is not a key to get loyalt


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