12 Times People Got The Perfect Revenge In The Pettiest Way Possible

So, it doesn’t take much to wind me up some days… but sometimes it’s more than just that, sometimes people are just plain f*cking ignorant! When that happens it can be very tempting to teach them a lesson, especially if it’s in the form of cold-blooded revenge. And that’s exactly what these people did. They had clearly decided that enough was enough and it was time to get their own back. What’s hilarious is they’ve done it in the pettiest ways they could think of and the results are brilliantly evil.

ake a look at this list of people exacting their revenge on strangers that have wronged them in small, but incredibly annoying ways and tell me you wouldn’t be tempted to do the same!

1. When you just can’t get the waiter’s attention

They’ll definitely remember to be a bit more attentive to their customers next time. I just hope they were genuinely being ignored, otherwise this is cruel punishment for someone rushed off their feet! … funny though all the same.

2. When people can’t be bothered parking properly

There’s a place reserved in hell for people that either can’t be bothered to park and won’t learn or people that are just far too ignorant to care. This person got their revenge on someone who atrociously parked slap-bang in the middle of two spaces. How? Just tie-wrap a trolly to the door handle. Perfectly petty.

Alternatively you could be even more creative… if you so happen to carry chalk around with you.

3. sibling rivalry

This has got to be the definition of pettiness. It must have taken him a while to go about organising and do you know what? I think it was worth every second of his time. Ah brotherly love…

4. Seems fair

“An eye for an eye” and all that. This kid will go far in life… if that life involves getting his own back on people. Where were his parents when he decided to ‘unload’ anyway?

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