14 Hilarious Times When Shoulder Ride Is Not A Good Idea At All

There may be a number of reasons you may give someone a shoulder ride. Maybe, you wanted to help out a short friend. Maybe your friend had coerced you into it. Maybe you are inebriated and don’t know what you’re doing. Either way, the consequences can sometimes be hilarious, at least to the people around you.

A Ladder

You may end up being used as a ladder.


You may also end up being stared at a lot.

So, naturally they’d find it incredulous and end up staring at you!

3. Sad Boys Club

Giving a girl a shoulder ride when your heart isn’t in it is a guarantee that you’d end up in the sad boy’s club!


Oh no!

If you are a parent, your child may take advantage of you by making you give them a shoulder ride when you just want to be about going on your business! Children may look cute, but that doesn’t mean they cannot hatch diabolical schemes like that!


Helping Someone Cross the Road


The Many Faces of Being Unhappy


Great Pain

It could also cause great pain, something you would only realize after you agreed to do it.

This One Might Hurt Even Worse!


Why am I doing this again?


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