14-Year-Old Creates & Designs Stunning Prom Dress For Big Sister

Every high school senior looks forward to the day where they find the perfect dress for prom. Well, this high school senior from Maryland didn’t have to look too far, because her baby sister designed the perfect D.I.Y. dress for her. 18-year-old Mikayla Lewis attended prom on April 26 in a stunning champagne-gold sequins gown thanks to her 14-year-old artistic little sister, Courtney Lewis, who has now gone viral for her dope design. BET spoke exclusively with their mom, Crystal Lewis, who said, “Mikayla’s original plan was to scour the internet looking for the perfect look.

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Then h-it the mall to see if we could locate ‘the one.’ Courtney kept commenting that she’d love to design Mikayla’s prom dress. We didn’t take it seriously, until she kept mentioning it. Then we realized she was serious.”

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According to Crystal, Courtney has always had the creative bug. She attends a performing arts high school in Washington, D.C., and has designed pillow cases and a skirt in the past. However, since Courtney didn’t have experience making a gown, the family was a little apprehensive. But little sister came through and designed the perfect dress for her big sister.

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Crystal said, “Courtney first sat with Mikayla and looked at different types of dresses that Mikayla liked. She wanted to get a sense of what style appealed to Mikayla. Once they figured that out, Courtney began to sketch what she envisioned. They went through several rough drafts before they finalized on one.”

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Courtney’s older cousin Syreeta, who is actually a designer, served as a mentor throughout the process, saying, “I was only around for motivation, transportation and to purchase supplies needed.”

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Cheers to this young queen for being persistent in achieving her dreams. We hope to see a collection from her in the future. Black Girl Magic at its finest!

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