15 Pictures Showing Why Barack Obama Is The Coolest President of All Time!

Being cool and looking cool — that’s what United States President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have in common, apart from the fact that both are facing strong criticism in their respective countries. Putin’s adventures have been well documented. Obama, on the other hand, maintains the gravitas his post demands.

Barack Obama and Mckayla poses not interested.


No, they are not angry, Barack and Michelle are just explaining a story to kids.


Looks like only the president understood the movie.


LOL…. the person must be thinking why I am so heavy, look at the other people giggles.


We begin with an image of the president jumping from a ledge at the Nabataean Amphitheatre in Jordan. Accompanying him on his walking tour of the ancient city of Petra is Dr Suleiman A D Al Farajat, a professor of tourism at the University of Jordan.


This kid here is blessing the president for good luck and prosperity.


Look at me when you are talking Bill.


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