5 Girls Were Bored During A Sleepover So They Create A Dance. Keep Your Eye On The Girl In The Middle [Video]

By all accounts, we can say that this sleepover was a smashing success. Every young person will be able to attest to the fact that growing up is definitely an exciting time in their life. It is especially exciting when basically all that you have to worry about is spending some quality time with your friends and family members, playing sports, and attending classes to school. It can even be more awesome when your parents give you the green light for some of your closest friends to come over to your place for an overnighter. So, when a little girl was told by her parents that she could invite four of her best friends over to her house for a sleepover, she was so excited that she felt like she could jump over the moon. Just like her, the young girl’s friends are all dancers.

So, in anticipation for the arrival of all her friends, the little girl and her mom planned some activities that were supposed to keep all the girls busy throughout the duration of the sleepover.

The first thing that the girl and her mother planned was for all the girls put on a pair of matching outfits. All of the girls were going to sport the same kind of pajamas, which will follow a theme for the fun girls’ night. Each girl was supposed to put on a cute, matching pink set of pajamas.

However, the matching night wears were only the beginning of the entire fun process.

Just as it is with every girls’ sleepover, the next activity on the agenda of the night was to ensure that everyone was sporting the same hairstyle as well. Each girl was to don a beautiful set of matching braids as the girls spent time hanging out and bonding together.

However, for the final and ultimate act of the night, the girls decided that they wanted to dance to one of their routines, while the girl’s mother did a recording of them performing the act.

After they had spent a large part of their time practicing their routine, the girls were finally ready to bust a move. They found a perfect open spot in the house, and they started out by standing side to side, with one leg stretched out. Inasmuch as all of the girls are used to dancing, they had developed a specialty for performing the Irish jig.

As the hosting girl’s mother gave the green light to the girls to start the routine, they break out in a dazzling and enjoyable performance of the Irish jig. The song “Shut Up and Dance”, which was performed by Walk the Moon, started to play in the background, and the girls made use of their Irish dance step to give the song a fun and enjoyable twist.

All of the girls, acting in unison, begin to kick out their legs. Their performance is so enjoyable to watch, especially when you consider the manner in which they incorporate high fives, splits, and even blow kisses at each other.

There is definitely no doubt to the fact that these girls are destined to become famous dancers, just as long as they are ready to give the art the kind of passion, dedication and hard work that is required for success.


Written by Diana

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