50 Cent Professed His Love For Jill Scott And Things Quickly Got Out Of Hand

50 Cent is legendary for being messy on Instagram. Every time he posts or hops in someone’s comments, you know the pot will be stirred. Most recently, Fif was scrolling his feed and saw a Jill Scott post about toting a we-apon as a form of security and decided himself to get the strap and leap into the comment section. “Women wanna feel and be safe,” she wrote under a pic of her standing next to a security guard. “Sometimes you can just go where safety/security is. Unfortunately, other times, you must focus on center mass until the clip is empty.

ALSO I hate when the chick, in the movie, gets a chance to stop her assailant once and for all but only knocks him out and runs.” “Ok now Jill I think I’m in Love wit you,” the Queens rapper commented. “You are low key crazy hun ?” “More than a lil bit in this crazy society but @50cent, nobody has a bigger earned than you. Shaka Zulu,” she replied.

And then Erykah Badu jumped in and it got even more messy. “UN safe,” she commented. Of course, 50 saw that and well, things went completely out of control from there. “Oh no what are you doing here?

This must be the d-anger zone. SMH. 50 Cent doesn’t, and will never have, any chill. Ever. Thankfully, Erykah left that last comment be.

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Written by Diana

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