60-Year-Old Woman Gets Such A Drastic Makeover Daughter Can’t Even Recognize Her [Video]

Getting someone a makeover for their birthday is a truly special gift because it can change a person’s life. Makeovers have the potential to completely change someone’s entire attitude and give them a new lease on life, and that’s why an Iowa mom named Kim’s family decided to give her one for her 60th birthday! A few years ago, Kim had told her daughter that it would be really awesome if she could get a makeover from The Makeover Guy himself Christopher Hopkins someday. Christopher has a popular YouTube channel and specializes in giving incredible makeovers to women over the age of 45.

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Kim dreamed of being one of his lucky clients. Kim’s family came up with a very unique way of surprising her with this birthday gift, and they went about executing their plan flawlessly.On Kim’s 60th birthday, her family gave her clues on cards every thirty minutes.

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When she got the last clue, Kim realized that she would be getting a makeover from Christopher, and she could not have been more excited! While Christopher thought that Kim’s hair was in good condition and naturally beautiful, he did not think it did her face and personalty justice.

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That’s why he cut her hair shorter and made it fuller, adding in some curls for good measure. He also changed up her makeup, and by the time Christopher was done with her, Kim looked decades younger!When Kim’s family saw her after the makeover, their reaction was priceless!

They almost did not recognize her since she looked so much younger. Once again, Christopher managed to pull off pure magic!

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