7-Year-Old Sprinter Could Be Next Usain Bolt After Smashing 100 Metre Record [Video]

Imagine being so good at what you do that you’re considered one of the rising stars of not one, but two, sports. Imagine that you’re being described as the ‘new’ Usain Bolt. Now imagine that you’re only seven years old. hat is just reality for Rudolph ‘Blaze’ Ingram. He’s only a tiny wee lad, but bloody hell can this kid shift. In fact, he’s just completed the 100 m in 13:48 seconds. There are professional athletes who are only a couple of seconds quicker. Hell, Usain Bolt’s world record is 9:58. He’s got time to eat away into that.

If that time proves to be true – and why wouldn’t it – it will be a drastic improvement on the current world record of 13:67 for a kid of Rudolph’s age, according to USA track and field.

Oh, by the way, he’s also absolutely mint at American football. He filmed to fame quite recently when LeBron James retweeted a clip of him utterly spoiling the other kids.

Since then, he’s amassed 270,000 followers on his Instagram page – run by his dad, Rudolph Ingram Snr. – and presumably got the attention of every athletics and American football coach in the country.

Obviously, his dad is proud as can be of his young athlete. It’s one thing to be a seven-year-old sports superstar, but it’s another thing have the will, character, and discipline to succeed.

Ingram Snr. Recently told Youth 1: “I’m overly proud of him as a father, trainer and coach not only because he does extremely well but because it’s what they don’t see.

“He works hard, he’s so respectful, always keeps a smile on his face and accepts the limelight so humbly. His future is so bright. I’m just in awe to be a part of it.”

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So, in the past two American Amateur Athletics Union (AAU) meetings Ingram has taken home 36 medals, of which 20 have been golds. On top of that, he’s also been recently named his American football team (Tampa Ravens) Most Valuable Player for their season.

He scored 10 touchdowns in all. Not bad for someone who is less than four feet tall and weighs downwards of 23 kilograms.

Ah, great. A seven year old who is fitter, faster, more successful and recognized than I’ll ever be. By the looks of him, he could probably kick my head in too.

Oh well. Just remember the name, this kid looks like he’s going to go a long way in something.

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