90 Year Old Dancer Surprises Judges And Earns A Golden Buzzer With Outrageuos Dance [Video]

Some may say, a person is as young as they feel, others say age is just a number. I say age is a state of mind. Dorothy Williams, a 90-year-old woman all the way from Hawaii earned herself a golden buzzer and one of the most watched auditions at the America’s Got Talent. Her youthful spirit and energy shocked everyone who watched her perform.

Dorothy’s audition wasn’t going to be like any other and she made sure of that from the word go. She said, “When I get on that stage, I want to prove, that you are never too old to follow your dreams.” She walked in on stage wearing a bright red dress-see through, white pair of lace gloves, and a feather boa. She was clearly there to seduce whoever was going to watch her that night.

Dorothy starts by singing “just let me entertain you, and we’ll have a really good time yes sir, we’ll have the real good time.” She swings her h-ips from the left to the right, then twists her h-ips around as though to keep a hula hoop from falling while stripping.

She later rotates the tassels on her bo-som area, it was very entertaining. Despite her age, she shows everyone her dance routine that earns her a standing ovation from the audience within seconds and a golden buzzer from the show host Nick Cannon.

The judges had the best comments for her audition too. Simon actually thought she was fascinating and said she had an audience for her performance. Howie, however, thought she was a great example and the message she was trying to send was inspiring. She is a star and an icon to many.

Check out Dorothy’s Golden buzzer audition below.

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Written by Diana

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