90-Year-Old Woman Cries Tears Of Joy Going To The Beach For The First Time [Video]

Despite having been on Earth for almost a century, this 90-year-old has never visited a beach. Enid Marie Weide (90), from New Jersey in the US, has lived to witness World War 2, the Great Depression, the invention of cell phones and the first man in space – yet she’d never felt beach sand between her toes.

After the d-eath of her husband, Edward, in 2014 Enid has been s-plitting her time between staying with her children – Jeanna Macisco (67) who lives in California and Dorothy Weide (58) who lives in New Jersey.

But recently the nonagenarian thought it was time to change her ways and requested that her ashes be mixed with those of Edward, a former sailor, and scattered over the ocean.

Enid told Jeanna the gesture “would make her husband happy” and she’d finally be able to put her toes in the ocean for the first time.

Being 90, Enid had gotten used to the idea that her chances of visiting the beach were diminished as she uses a walker to help get her around.

Jeanna, however, decided to share the conversation about her mother’s ashes with friends a few days later.

Shortly after she was lent a beach wheelchair so she could make her mom’s dream come true while she’s still alive.

With the help of friends and family, Enid was able to accomplish a goal she thought wasn’t possible.

On 26 June, Enid was carried down to a beach in California by neighbors and friends before being placed in a water wheelchair and pushed further out into the waves by her eldest daughter.

After splashing her toes in the waves Enid began to cry tears of joy.

“Mom was initially confused as to why someone was bringing around a wheelchair,” Jeanne said. “After all, she knew we already had a wheelchair.

“When I told her what we’d planned as a surprise for her I wasn’t quite sure if she was happy, confused or concerned.

“The reality soon k-icked in that she was actually going down to the beach, to put her toes in the water, and she was so excited.

“Mom cried tears of joy to finally being able to get into the ocean.”

Jeanne said she felt emotional about making her mom so happy.

“It was overwhelming to be able to give this gift to her.

I thought she’d be happy but I wasn’t prepared for how happy this simple act of kindness from friends, family, and neighbors would make her feel.

“It was one of those times in life when so many things had to come together to make this work. Only with the blessings of so many great people were we able to make it happen.”

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