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A 99-year-old man walks and occasionally jogs 12 miles every day to visit his ailing wife in the hospital. Luther Younger, 99, of Rochester, New York, has made the daily six-mile, round-trip walk from his home to the hospital where his wife of 55 years, Waverlee Younger, is recovering from pneumonia. Luther, who served in the Marine Corps during the Korean W-ar, has been walking to see his wife every day for the past three weeks, rain or shine. He said that he opts to walk the six miles because he doesn’t want to wait for either his daughter, Lutheta, to give him a ride or for the bus to come.

‘I got a wife. I don’t want to wait on the bus.

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I want to go up there to see my wife,’ Luther told CBS News. Waverlee, who is now paralyzed, was diagnosed with a brain tumor nine years ago and has been in and out of the hospital since then. Every day that she is in the hospital, Luther makes the six-mile, round-trip walk to visit her. Occasionally, he will sleep at the hospital, sometimes on the floor.

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Luther said that he makes the walk to prove his devotion to his wife, who he said ‘made a man out of me.’ Although people have offered him rides, Luther said that he usually declines them because he likes walking and that it helps to clear his mind. He also said that he doesn’t have any problem with the heat, after growing up in Texas and spending his whole life working hard labor jobs. ‘People tell me to act my age — yeah, right,’ Luther told CBS News.

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‘They’re jealous because I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, because it’s no good. I wouldn’t be here.’ Luther’s daughter, Lutheta, said that she tries to find someone to give her father a ride as often as possible and that she doesn’t like the idea of him walking so far all by himself. However, since he insists on making the trek, she relents.

‘My dad’s always walked. He says he does it to stay alive,’ Lutheta told Spectrum News Rochester, which first reported Luther’s story. Lutheta has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help pay for Waverlee’s hospital bills. So far, $56,700 of her $65,000 goal has been raised.

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