A Guy Tried To Mansplain Why Women Should Not Dye Their Hair. It Blew Up In His Face.

How lovely to be a woman. Not only are we expected to fulfill incredibly narrow beauty standards, but when we deviate from them, we’re cr-iticized. Or we live up to them, but are ac-cused of seeking attention or seeming ‘slutty’ for doing so.

I’m not personally into shapewear, makeup, or styling my hair, but I don’t care if someone else is. I have the utmost respect for anyone who arrives for work with a full face of makeup, liquid liner done masterfully.

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I’d love to own makeup that isn’t a) from CVS b) expired by several years, but I’m not there yet in my personal journey.


One Twitter user recently tried to police women’s dye jobs and got de-stroyed for it.

It’s not enough that we maintain our hair and get it salon-dyed; it has to be dyed in a specific way so men can get off on it — otherwise it’s not worth doing. Silly women!

@AJA_Cortes applied pseudo-evolutionary psychology ‘logic’ to women’s colorful hair and people weren’t having it. I guess watching “F-ight Club” alone every Friday night isn’t the same as earning a PhD in evolutionary biology.

If you’re thinking …’did he just use an evil comic book character to support his argument?’ then you are correct! He did that.


Let’s not forget the crucial involvement of @javafour, whose bio literally describes him as a ‘patriarch’:

Again, refer to the example of a homicidal fictional character. Duh.

Apparently Alexander is a trainer, writer, and speaker. He seems to peddle a self-improvement program for men that’s typically misogynist in the red pill-, pick up artist-way. As far as Online goes, he’s a dime a dozen.
Look at this taint scab in action:

As you can imagine, Twitter was quick with the replies — quick and savage.

You’re not gonna believe this, but he didn’t get the science stuff right.


If he wants to be informed, he should add ‘reader’ to that Twitter bio. Maybe it’s time to crack open a bio textbook and finally learn where girls pee from, hmm?


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