A Homeless Couple Was Given Valentine’s Day Makeover By A Photographer And Now Their Life Has Been Transformed

A small act of generosity can go very long. This thing has proven by a photographer who done the makeover of a homeless couple. The couple is now receiving lots of job offers. A Nairobi-based wedding photographer who works in the label Muchiri Frames decided to transform them. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the photographer gave the couple a makeover and detailed the transformation in photos.

The photographer met with Sammy and Virginia who were living on the streets. The couple is barely scavenging together a living. So he decided to do this couple’s complete makeover.

For this photo-, Sammy and Virginia were given new stylish clothes, a haircut and makeup. The photo- has done under the heart-warming project named ‘Glued for Life’.

The resulting photo- got much attention as it captured in the video also. This video has been viewed by several thousands of times. The video went viral on social media. As an outcome of this, the couple now has been immersed with of job offers.

Also, after the photo-, the couple felt a slightly more hopeful about their lives. Sammy expresses his wish to continue to find a work as a driver and having the driver’s license.

Virginia desired to fulfill her dream of entering the field of catering. The couple was waiting for somebody to offer them a full-time job. As they were hoping they didn’t have to stay on the streets. So their hopes turned into reality.

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Written by Diana

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