After 12 Years Of Waving To Students From Her Window, Watch Her Reaction To 400 Kids Saying Goodbye

As the sun rises over the small town of Comox in British Columbia, 88-year-old Tinney Davidson sits by her front window and takes in the view. The great-grandmother smiles as she watches the waves, then does as she has for the past 12 years… she waves right back. Those waves, a morning “hello” from the hundreds of students who pass by her home each day. Davidson has lived across the street from Highland Secondary School where she, along with her late husband, Ken, began waving to the teenagers out their large picture window after purchasing the home in 2007.

The students, who Davidson says were always looking in, soon began waving too.

“I just liked the look of the children and they all looked in and I thought, ‘If they’re looking in, I’ll wave to them,’ and that’s how it started,” Davidson said during an interview in 2014.

Many of the local kids have known Davidson for years, so when they received news last week that their beloved “Waving Granny” would soon be moving to an assisted living facility, over 400 of them showed up to say a final goodbye.

Some came with handmade signs – others with flowers – but together the students brought one big smile as well as a few tears to Davidson’s face.

This isn’t the first time Davidson’s kindness has been recognized by the community.

In 2014, the school invited her to an assembly in her honor on Valentine’s Day, where students paid tribute to the special resident whose kindness has touched so many lives.

As for Davidson, she was once again moved by such a grand gesture.

“I was shocked again that there are so many kids that wanted to say goodbye to me,” said Davidson.

As the students left, Davidson waved one last time and reflected fondly on the seemingly small routine that has obviously made a big impact.

“I think I’ve connected very well with them, it’s been fun.”

While texts, tweets and digital communications now consume our daily lives, it’s stories such as this remind us that real connections can start with just a simple.

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