After Nearly 50 Years Of Marriage, A Couple Was Lying In Bed One Evening, When The Wife Felt Her Husband Begin To Massage Her….

I guess after 50 years of marriage, some things are not as exciting and spicy as they used to be, especially when it comes to what goes on under the bed…This charming couple tried to fix it, but it didn’t end exactly as the wife had hoped… After almost 50 years of marriage, a couple was lying in bed one night, when the wife felt her husband start massaging her like he hadn’t done for some time.It almost tickled him when his fingers began to graze his neck, and to descend along his back, so he stroked his shoulders and neck, slowly lowered his hand, stopping just above his stomach.

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He put his hand inside his left arm, to move up along his posterior, gently over his buttocks and down from his leg to his calf.

Then he went up along his thigh, stopping just at the top of his leg, continuing on his right side as well, then suddenly stopped, turned around and kept quiet.

As she was very excited by these caresses, she asked in a loving voice: “Honey, it was wonderful. Why did you stop?”To which he replied: “I found the remote control”… What do you think of that?

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