Army Veteran Shocked By Note In His Yard After Neighbor Had Been Watching Him

The vast majority of soldiers who serve abroad make sacrifices that we civilians can’t even begin to imagine. They leave their loved ones behind, head to unknown countries and risk their lives — all to make sure that we’re safe. Unfortunately, their efforts often go unnoticed. And even if they return with post-trau-matic stress or come back with debilitating in-juries, they might not receive the help they deserve, whether medical or psychological. And maybe that’s why I love hearing stories like this one! Brittany’s hero husband, U.S. Army Specialist Christopher Garrett, returned home after suffering an in-jury that rendered him disabled when a mission in Afghanistan went horribly wrong. “

He was s-hot through the lower abdomen, and the bullet exited his right b-utt cheek,” Brittany explained to IJ Review.

Christopher Garrett was a combat engineer with the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division. While he was serving in Afghanistan, his unit was ambushed and Christopher was s-hot in the stomach.

Christopher’s pelvis was completely shattered and he was rushed to a hospital. The doctors were able to save him, but he became disabled and had to retire from the military.

Christopher looked forward to returning to normal life with his wife, Brittany, and their young son.

Soon, though, it became clear that “normal” would take on a whole new meaning.

Christopher’s physical and emotional scars made it difficult for him to adjust.

Things that were once easy for him — like moving the lawn — became almost impossible.

Still, Christopher was determined not to let his combat in-juries hold him back.

Even though he only had an old push lawnmower, Christopher tried his best to cut his lawn by himself.

It was incredibly difficult for Brittany to watch her husband go through this.

In a post that the Army wife made on social media, she said that she heard someone at the front door and found her husband standing there with tears in his eyes, as he was holding their son

Thinking he had had a breakdown, she ran outside to him. Her first thought was that someone had d-ied, but he immediately assured her that wasn’t the case.

When she got into the yard, Brittany saw why Christopher was sobbing. He opened his hand and out fell a couples keys.

Brittany looked across the yard and saw a brand new John Deere riding lawn mower.

Along with a gift on their front lawn was a note that read:

“I hope this saves time for the things that matter most in your life. Thank you for your service and for my freedom. Sincerely, a grateful American.”

“Where do I begin? Something AMAZING happened today! As I was getting ready for my day, my husband appeared at the door with tears in his eyes holding our son. My heart sank and I thought someone we love took a trip to Heaven,” Brittany recalled in her post about the amazing gift that her family was given.

Although Christopher didn’t have a clue who gave him the riding mower or why, it’s obvious that a neighbor saw Christopher struggling to cut his grass.

His routine didn’t go unnoticed by one generous onlooker who was touched by this man’s dedication to his yard and service to our country that nearly took his life.

It’s hard to say if that neighbor understands how much their gift means to Cristopher and Brittany. But for this couple, it has been life-changing.

Christopher still has a long way to go in his rehabilitation process, but thanks to a generous stranger, the journey feels a bit easier now.

This kind person realized the sacrifice that Christopher made, and they saw his struggle at home while just trying to do basic things for his family.

This generous gift was given without recognition, as a selfless thank you for a service that often goes unrecognized.

We all have something good to offer and this fine action shows how much our kindness can mean to someone.

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