As Soon As The Vet Put His Hands On Their Rescue Dog, Everyone’s Jaw H-it The Floor

Boombox was a sweet senior boxer, but she sat unwanted at a Carolina Boxer Rescue, that is until one couple caught a glimpse of her. Tom and Jane Cannone saw her available for adoption pictures and immediately fell in love. They couldn’t believe no one had snatched her up.

The Virginia couple inquired about Boombox, and learned that she was deaf. Still, something about her drew them to her so they took the plunge and adopted her. They made the trek from South Carolina to give her a sh-ot at a forever home.

When they got her home they were thrilled that Boombox quickly became attached to them. She was incredibly well behaved, loyal, loving, and quiet. She adapted to her new home and family very quickly.

When they took her to the veterinarian, they discovered something else about their new pet. Dr. Layne Brett decided to do an experiment with Boombox. She gave her a downward hand motion that meant “sit” in dog sign language, and Boombox immediately responded by sitting.

Dr.Brett explained that dog trainers developed a system of sign language to train dogs, and Boombox actually knew some of the commands and responded to them. She knows walk, sit, and a few more, and the couple has been working to teach her even more.

The all white boxer has a spattering of black spots around her nose, making her even more adorable in the eyes of Jane and Tom. They are thrilled to have her in their home and are happy to be able to communicate with her in their own special way.

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