Baby Hears Favorite Elvis Song At Party And Has The Whole Crowd Cracking Up At His Moves [Video]

When a song is good and fun it is difficult not to stand up and dance, let yourself go and enjoy the music! That is what happened to a cute little boy from Denmark and was caught on camera for all of us to enjoy.Two-year-old William Stokkebroe is a viral phenomenon that has now gained unprecedented exposure for his parents’ business, and has led to the naming of a product – the William Dance Shoe – after the young star, can you believe that?

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The couple launched a dancing shoe for aspiring toddlers named after their son. The ‘William’ is described as “the perfect shoe for all boys dancers … providing a unique comfort, where the shoe molds to your foot.”

His parents are world champion Latin dancers Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe, so it makes sense that their son loves dancing as well.

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After watching his parents Kristina and Peter practice with the other dancers at Studie43 he’s clearly picked up some of her parents amazing moves and is eager to show everyone what he has learnt.

Check out the video you will not regret it!

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Written by Diana

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