Black Cat Makes Weird Noises Over Baby Monitor As Mom Checks Baby’s Room She Rushes For Phone [Video]

People’s feelings about cats are pretty polar. Cats are either considered the greatest pets ever to exist or the worst animals in all of history. Regardless of how you feel about cats, you can’t ignore the fact that they have extremely heightened senses compared to humans. Sometimes there are things we cannot detect with our limited senses. Luckily, pets are there to help us out if there’s an emergency we don’t know about. Roy and Bernita Rogers always wanted a big family. Unfortunately, the couple experienced the loss of three stillborn babies at three different times in their lives.

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They were absolutely de-vastated. They decided to adopt a pet in order to have someone else in their family. That’s when a black catnamed Midnight entered the picture. Roy and Bernita adored the cute cat and welcomed her as part of the family. After years of trying, Bernita and Roy finally had a healthy baby girl.

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Immediately, Midnight and the newborn became best friends. Midnight was fiercely protective of the baby. One day, their little girl looked ill. Bernita and Roy decided to take her to the doctor to make sure everything was alright. The doctor told them they had nothing to worry about and that the little girl was just suffering from a common cold.

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Relieved, the couple went about with their normal routine. That is until one night when they heard Midnight meowing frighteningly loud in their baby’s room. The meowing was so distressful, without hesitation, the parents ran into their daughter’s room to find her struggling to breathe.

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Roy and Bernita raced to the ER to save their child. She was diagnosed with full respiratory failure. Thankfully, the newborn was treated in a timely manner. As of today, she is happy and healthy.

Bernita and Roy are forever grateful for their feline friend for warning them about their beloved daughter’s medical emergency.

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