Black People Are Asking White People Their Bu-rning Questions In This Hysterical Viral Thread

Stereotypes, when mixed with unchecked power and terrifying po-litical policies can result in the perpetuation of hor-rible injustices. But unpacking silly, harmless, and oddly specific stereotypes can open up hilarious conversations about cultural norms across different demographics.

Of course, it’s easier to grasp the concept of opening up conversations about ra-cial stereotypes that aren’t cringe inducing than it is to facilitate one.

Nonetheless, if you punch up and everyone keeps a modicum of humor and courtesy, it IS possible.

A recent resurfaced thread posted on the Afrocentric Films Collaborative Facebook page managed to be refreshingly funny and straightforward about stereotypes. The key, in this case, was to point the question marks towards white people.

The thread’s prompt urged black people to ask white people the questions they “always wanted to know,” the it rapidly filled up with playful exchanges.

Some of the questions challenged the realities of (primarily) white televison shows.

The classic questions of white people’s relationship with washcloths came into play.

There were more than a few people inquiring about the perpetual blandness of white people’s food.

White people in the thread jumped into roast themselves in the process of answering the questions.

More specifically, inquiring minds wanted to know why white people’s casseroles are so bad.

The origin behind the much discussed “white people smirk” was revealed.

Naturally, the thread also addressed the ways white people interact with extended family.

Even the issue of wearing shorts in the winter came up.

Natrually, there were trolls and angry peoples, as with any Facebook thread addressing race on any level.

But by and large the people participating had fun and remained respectful to each other, which is honestly a rarity.

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