Bride Sings “You Raise Me Up” But When Dad Changes The Lyrics No One Could Hold Back Tears [Video]

Here’s a not-so-secret confession: I love weddings. It’s the union of two souls, the first day of a lifelong commitment, and a wonderful celebration altogether. I’d never miss the chance to attend a wedding as I love seeing people celebrate, well, love! There are a lot of unexpected things that happen too. The best man could tell a funny story about the groom or the bride and her entourage could break into song and dance. Its just so much fun to experience in person. While all the things mentioned typically happen during a reception, the actual ceremony has its share of awe-inspiring moments as well.

Take this lovely bride for example.

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As she walked the aisle to meet the man she loves, the whole church was moved to tears as soon as she began to dedicate a song for her beloved. Groom Ronny Eidvisk waited anxiously at the altar for his beautiful bride, Maria. He expected it to be exactly as he imagined, she’d walk in holding her dad on one arm, beaming and all. But when the church doors opened, Ronny and the rest of the guests were in for a huge surprise.

Maria broke into song as her father walked her down the aisle. She sang a romantic version of “You Raise Me Up”.

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It was the perfect song for such a perfect event. Judging by Ronny’s face, he loved every minute of her performance. But that wasn’t all. When Maria handed the microphone to her dad, he also joined in and changed the words to the song. “Now it’s time to give away my daughter,” Maria’s dad sung as his daughter beamed from ear to ear on his side.

“You know its time, so please take care of her”. Maria then chimed in with custom lyrics of her own.

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“I know he will, he loves me more than ever,” she belted. “And now it’s time to finally say I do”. The whole number was such a sweet and tender moment that will surely leave you in happy tears. The surprising turn is something you don’t typically see in a wedding. But we’re sure everyone in that room will remember it forever.

For those who don’t know, Maria has sung professionally in the past. She came in third place in Norway’s most popular talent show, Idol, back in 2006. Her intimate wedding ceremony to Ronny was held more than a decade later and took place in Alesund Church.

Now that’s a walk to remember! Prepare to be moved by Maria and dad’s beautiful wedding performance.

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