Couple Each Working Seventy Hours A Week To Survive. Security Camera Captures Moment They Win 200 Grand

Jordan Ross was a man just like any other, working hard and doing his best to try and make ends meet. While he had once been forced to live on the streets, he had turned his life around since and found a job that provided him with steady employment and a girl who made his heart sing. His plan was to marry her one day and he was merely waiting until he saved up enough money to provide her with the life that she deserved. Thanks to a lucky lottery victory, Jordan won the $200,000 he needed to offer the love of his life the wedding that she deserves and his financial problems are no more.

As you might have imagined, they both have had a similar reaction to their newfound fortune, as neither member of the couple has been able to stop crying. They have not made any wedding plans yet, but now that they know they have the ability to enjoy any ceremony that they desire, the sky is the limit.

Jordan wants to assist his family with their financial difficulties as well and plans on purchasing a brand new car for his mother. Jordan’s also made practical plans for the money and will be using his windfall to pay for additional schooling and his girlfriend Jayde got a brand new vacuum cleaner.

We are glad to see that these two are being so pragmatic with their winnings. These two would definitely not be faulted for having a little fun with their prize, but they are bound and determined to make the absolute most of their unexpected financial stimulus package.

These are the types of stories that deserve more attention, especially in a world that thrives on negativity and enjoys poking fun at those who blow their winnings in a foolish manner.

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