Couple Sings Beautiful Duet, “One Day,” In The Car And Their Baby Has The Most Precious Reaction [Video]

Kids have the most precious smiles and when they come up after listening to their parents’ voices, the cuteness goes to the whole other level. Studies show that when parents sing, children become even more excited. This is exactly what is happening in the below video in which two Israeli parents started singing to their little girl in the car. Yoni and Nina Tokayer, the proud parents of a beautiful daughter, love to sing her songs. And so they performed a song for their daughter. Luckily for us, they captured the moment on video. Their baby girl’s reaction when her parents start singing to her is just so adorable!

In the video, the baby starts off by looking around the car. But as soon as her mother starts to sing, the young girl’s interest is piqued.

As the duo belts out “I know someday it will all turn around,” the young girl really starts getting into the groove. She has this huge smile on her face and she begins clapping her hands to the be-at.

As the family jams together, they are all very happy and their joy is definitely contagious to anyone who watches them perform.

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Written by Diana

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