‘Dad’ Goes To Hospital For Birth Of Quintuplets, Told Girlfriend Faked Entire Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for an expectant mother. But it can also be a life-changing time for the unborn baby’s father as well.Paul Servat put his time, energy, and emotions into his preparation to be a father. His girlfriend, Barbara Bienvenue, shared the news with him that she was pregnant.The couple met online in the summer months. By September, two months into their dating relationship, Servat learned that he would be a father.

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Then, Bienvenue told him she was pregnant with twins. Twins turned to triplets.The shocking updates continued when Bienvenue said she was pregnant with quadruplets and finally, quintuplets.

Servat remained positive and excited about the pregnancy and idea of raising five babies.

He picked out each baby’s name. Servat’s parents shared in his excitement as they awaited the chance to meet their grandchildren.

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Local businesses and the community even became invested in the lives of these five babies. They donated baby items to help out the family in preparation for quintuplets.

Five empty cribs sat in Servat’s home. They would remain empty even after Bienvenue’s due date.

Servat suffered from the loss of never being able to hold his babies, but it wasn’t because the quints tragically didn’t survive. They never existed in the first place.

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Servat took Bienvenue to the hospital to deliver the babies. He was pulled aside by a nurse who shared with him the heartb-reaking results of a bl-ood test; his girlfriend was not pregnant.

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