Dad Of 3 Girls Awaits Arrival Of 4th Baby. Completely Loses His Mind When He Pops Balloon

The arrival of the new baby indeed brings happiness to the whole family.Parents are excited to have new member and siblings are excited to have a new little doll or playmate. Finding out the gender of the baby in advance is an exciting moment for every couple. Nowadays,the mothers instead of handing over the ultrasound report to their husband, has come up with a creative idea of the gender reveal party. The mothers purchase a balloon, which has blue or pink confetti depending on the sex of her expecting child. The dad pricks the balloon to find out the gender. From that moment, onwards the couple start planning for the welcome of their new member.

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One such couple, planned the gender reveal party and included their 3 daughters, which clearly shows how much the father is wishing for the baby boy after 3 girls. All the family members were dressed in white, the oldest daughter held the string of a large black balloon, which has either of the two colors.

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Dad had to burst the balloon, as soon as he did, blue powder showered on them. The shocked dad jumped up with joy and couldn’t control his tears. The daughters also celebrated their new brother.

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The man ran over to her wife and hugged her tightly. She was so overwhelmed, that she began to cry. Everyone hugged themselves and had smiles on their faces. The news of little boy had surely brought joy in the family.


Written by Diana

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