Dad Sends Autistic Son Into Restaurant To Get Take-Out-Menu, Staff Offers Stunning Treatment [Viedo]

By now, most Americans know what autism is. That doesn’t mean children with autism are always treated fairly. Owen Long’s parents were very worried about him this past Sunday. Owen’s parents had asked him to run inside local restaurant Sun Cuisines. They’d prepared Owen for what he’d need to do: Walk inside, ask for a menu and come back to the car. Kids with autism can struggle in new situations. They just need a bit of extra practice to feel comfortable. That’s why Owen’s parents walked him through visiting the restaurant. That’s also why they worried when Owen didn’t return quickly.

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What had happened to Owen? Was he having an emotional meltdown? Had he gotten in trouble somehow?

The worried parents ran into the restaurant to check on Owen. They snapped a video and shared it online, where it’s gone viral. Manager Aye Thein explained what happened. Owen had come in and forgotten all about the menu. Instead, he’d simply said he was hungry. Aye wasn’t going to let this adorable little boy go hungry in her restaurant. She had the staff whip up a bowl of beef curry for him Even more shocking, Aye didn’t even know Owen had a disability. She was simply practicing her culture.

In the Buddhism of Burma, everyone is treated with kindness and love.

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