Disfigured Veteran Comes Face-To-Face With 5-Year-Old Girl And She Reacts To Him And His Scars [Video]

Some people are born heroes, and others become heroes. You’re about to meet both in an unlikely pair of friends. When Simon Brown saved six of his fellow soldiers, he lost part of himself. It was during a mission in 2006 that the 13-year veteran was st-ruck in the face by a sniper while rescuing stranded members of the British Army. Twenty-five su-rgeries were needed to reconstruct his jaw, cheekbone, and nose. Doctors gave him a prosthetic eye, but they couldn’t save his sight.

Si Brown returned home partially blind, disfigured, and downhearted. He was lucky to be alive, but afraid of how his appearance would affect others. That is, until Temperance “Tempy” Pattinson came into his life. This plucky volunteer has been brightening the lives of wounded soldiers since the age of three through various programs and events.

Little Tempy has always had an affinity for w-ar heroes, doing whatever she could to thank those who fo-ught for her. The chance to meet a real-life soldier was a dream come true for the 5-year old. The veteran’s support group, Help for Heroes, made that dream a reality through their Facing it Together campaign.

Before their meeting, Si Brown had to muster up a different kind of courage.
He was scared of what Tempy’s reaction would be when she saw him, but he needn’t have been. Children have the purest hearts, and Tempy Pattinson knew she was looking into the face of a true hero. The two became fast friends and gave the rest of us hope for the future. Their meeting was captured on video and quickly became the talk of the internet.

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