Elderly Couple Sees Son Turned His Basement Rec Room Into Refurbished Suite For Them To Live In [Video]

Bonnie and George Miller, who are both 87 years old, were facing dilemmas many elderly do: their body and mind were not what they used to be. Bonnie had a fall and needed a wheelchair, and George suffered from the early stages of age-related dementia. Their son, Schon, wanted to care for them the best he could, but knew to put his parents in a home was not an option with which he was comfortable. Schon and his wife, Jeannie, looked for larger homes. Ones with mother-in-law suites or cottages on the same property so the Millers could live with them close by, but they had no luck finding a property to meet those wishes. So, instead of buying something new, Schon and Jeannie started with what they had.

They cleared out the basement of their Bremen, Ohio home and emptied their rec room of all the toys and gadgets. Next, they knocked out a wall and got busy building. They created an in-law suite that featured a living area, bedroom, kitchenette, and a fully ADA rated handicap bathroom.

As Schon and his wife give the tour to the suite, his mother is moved to tears while the work and thought Schon put in made his dad remark in awe at the craftsmanship.

Jeannie’s voice is behind the camera, and you can hear her emotional response to her mother-in-law’s tears. This family’s closeness is evident and has us in tears at their sweetness.

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