Experts Say That A Happy Wife Is The Foundation Of A Successful Marriage

Have you noticed that when a wife, mother, or grandmother is happy and flutters around the home, everyone around her feels good? Each of the family members – her husband, children, grandchildren, even pets – get their fair share of love.

It turns out that these life observations have scientific confirmation. The connection between the quality of marriage and the partners’ welfare has been studied by researchers from the University of Michigan in collaboration with their colleagues from Rutgers University. They have analyzed almost 400 couples whose marriage experience averages at 39 years.

They were asked to keep a diary throughout a period of 24 hours and note their feelings when they did things together watching TV, going grocery shopping.

Also, they were asked to answer how much their partner irritates them, how often they fight, and whether they appreciate each other and understand their partner’s feelings.

The results have shown that overall satisfaction with their marriage was directly linked to their general content with life – 5 out of 6 points. Along with this, men gave a higher score to their marriage than women did.

Scientists suggested that the happier the wife, the more time she gives to her husband and the more she takes care of him.

Although, the fact that men don’t speak much and also that they are unable to openly share their feelings doesn’t allow women to understand her partner’s dissatisfaction and desires.

Another interesting observation of the researchers is connected with the impact quality of marriage has on the health and welfare of older people. It turns out that the woman’s mood gets worse when she has to take care of her sick husband as all responsibilities lie on her shoulders. Meanwhile, the man’s level of happiness in a similar situation doesn’t change since the woman will more likely rely on her daughter’s help than her husband’s.

The scientists’ conclusions are important, as the quality of marriage ensures the couples’ protection from everyday problems, including those connected with health issues and stressful situations.

Have you noticed something like this happening in the relationship of your friends or family?

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