Family Change State Instant Dog Looks Into Owners Casket To Make Earth Shattering Revelation

Dogs are one of the most loyal creatures ever created on earth. Every day we see testaments of love that prove dogs are not only man’s best friend, but also a companion who devote themselves and their lives to us humans — loving us even without expecting anything in return. It was earlier this year that Sadie the dog lost her best friend to a heart . Sadie and her owner had lived side by side for 13 years, with the dog proving that it’s not just humans who when a loved one d-ies. “After the paramedics came and couldn’t revive him, Sadie laid beside him and repeated put her head on and under his hand,” Jeremy May, president of Elements Cremation, told The Dodo. Family members and close friends mourned the man, as did Sadie. During the ten days that preceded the , Sadie didn’t eat properly and couldn’t sleep alone, May said.

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When the day finally came for the owner’s service, his widow entered the chapel with Sadie, who they considered a member of the family.

May explains: “The dog was as important as a spouse and child, so it was important that we allowed it to happen.

“As Sadie approached the casket you could both feel and hear the emotion in the room from the guests. Not a dry eye in the room. It was an emotional and hair-raising moment.”

Those of you have/had dogs will understand the bond that is forged between animal and human. Dogs give unconditional love and are loyal family members

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Such a sacred connection is established that it’s no wonder Sadie took the loss of her owner as harshly as his actual family members did. So happy Mom included the dog and gave him the closure he needed too!

What a sorrowful yet beautiful story that Julia and Elements Cremation has shared. May they find peace together in the years to come.

It’s so nice that the family was able to go through with their gesture and allow Sadie to see her owner one last time! Full credit to the home for allowing it.’


Written by Diana

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