Fedex Driver Feels God Call Her To Pray With Woman, Returns To Her Front Door 20 Stops Later [Video]

As men and women, we are all called to be good to one another. When we see someone struggling, it is our natural instinct to want to help that person. Whether it involves helping an elderly person change a tire on the side of the road, serving food to the homeless, or cleaning up a local park on the weekend, we are called to serve others. One woman in South Carolina feels that that call came directly from God Himself.

Amanda Riggan is a superhero in every sense of the word. By day she works as a FedEx driver, but she dedicates her free time to serving her community. Amanda is the founder of Hungry Heroes, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of first responders and emergency workers.

Amanda and other volunteers in her organization do this by serving police officers, firemen, and members of the military barbecue as a way of expressing the public’s gratitude. Hungry Heroes has been in operation since April of 2018 and has already served over 600 first responders in York County, South Carolina, and the surrounding area.

With all Amanda does, she still found the time to go above and beyond in serving others while out on a routine delivery. Stepping out of her truck, Amanda was greeted by an elderly woman, who was leaving her house to check for her morning newspaper. Handing the lady her two packages, she and Amanda began to talk, discussing what they did over Christmas and New Year’s.

Amanda was shocked when the woman told her that her holiday season was difficult because her husband was f-ighting ca-ncer . Not knowing what to say, Amanda tried to change the subject, feeling a little awkward. After a few more minutes of idle chitchat, Amanda said goodbye to the woman and continued with her route.

As Amanda drove-off, she felt a strange feeling. After nearly 20 stops, her heart pounding and her mind restless, Amanda knew she had to return to the woman’s house. Amanda didn’t make this decision lightly. Returning to the woman’s house would mean a major disruption on her planned route.

Not only would her other deliveries be pushed back, she would also get home at a later time. Despite all of this, Amanda knew that God was calling her to return to the woman.

Driving back to the neighborhood, Amanda climbed the woman’s porch steps and rang the doorbell. As the elderly lady opened the door, Amanda politely asked if she could pray with her. The woman was beyond touched by Amanda’s kindness. Stepping out the door, she embraced Amanda with tears in her eyes.

Once she was done with her route, Amanda shared her story on Facebook. Hoping to encourage her friends and family, Amanda told the world to listen to the voice of God. Continuing, Amanda said that she prays every day that God uses her in any way He needs to help the world.

Describing the events of the day, Amanda told her friends that when you hear God or feel that He has a special plan for you, don’t be afraid to do what is necessary. When God calls you, simply stop and follow your heart.

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