The First Animal You See In This Picture Will Determine Your Personality

Our personality is made up of a number of traits that make us what we are – however, contrary to what people believe, our personality cannot be described or put together in one word – it is a combination of our behaviour, our likes, our dislikes and our way of working. So, have you ever thought what your personality is like, vis-à-vis what others think it to be? We are going to make the job easier for you!

Look carefully at this picture – it is an optical illusion and looks like a mish mash of many pictures put together. If you look closely, you will see many animals in this picture. However, the one that you see first reveals something unknown about you. Here’s how:

#1 Horse

If you saw the stallion first, you are ambitious and career oriented. Nothing can take you away from your hard work and dedication and this is the reason you do so well in life. You are forthcoming and blunt and you do not shy away from calling a spade a spade. You are success-hungry, but in a positive way.

#2 Hen

Roosters are known to be fierce characters, despite their small, petite frame. You are someone who would look meek on the outside, however, when opportunity arises, you can be as fierce as a rooster. Your biggest quality is your perseverance.

#3 Crab

Hard on the outside, soft from within are the characteristics of crab and this is what best describes you. You always put the need of others before you. You tide over troubles in the most practical of ways and you have a solution for every problem. You are honest and warm, with a heart of gold.

#4 Praying Mantis

If you saw the praying mantis first, you are a very patient soul. Just like a mantis stays still waiting for its prey for many many hours, you too can get over life problems by being patient. You are practical and your friends and family love this quality of yours. You follow your intuition passionately.

#5 Wolf

You are someone who do not mind the company of others, but is also a loner a heart. You are an extremely creative being and it is your ideas and presentations that can truly make the world a better place to live in. You might be very happy mingling with people, but your personality is such that you would stand apart in a crowd.

#6 Dog

You can be loyal but fierce, selfless and loving, protective and playful, just like a dog! A lot of people think that they have all these qualities but they do not – you truly imbibe them. You are one of the nicest people to have walked on this earth and people are extremely lucky to have you.

#7 Eagle

You are one tough soul! Whether it is your work or your personal relationships, your commitment level can always be vouched for. You have set goals in life and you always go after them, no matter what happens. Your devotion to your better half is unflinching too!

#8 Butterfly

You are adaptable and flexible and you have the power to smile through all situations in life. You probably have a beautiful personality – both inside and out and you like fine things in life – you never settle for less!

#9 Dove

You are a calm soul – you have probably weathered all the storm in your life and attained peace from inside. Now nothing can bother you and you smile through it! You are mature and sorted in life.


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