The First Detail You See In This Picture Reflects A Hidden Part Of Your Subconscious

Your way of being is completely linked to your thoughts. The way you think and understand the world are vital to determine personality traits. Thoughts are not always conscious. Even if we do not realize it, sometimes there is a subconscious part that thinks for us and leads us to act in a certain way. With this simple test, you can discover to what extent your subconscious is present in your everyday life.

If you saw girls first

If the first thing you saw in this image was the two girls talking, that speaks to your subconscious there is not too much hidden fabric. What you show is what you are, and honesty is very important to you, especially when it comes to being honest with yourself.

That does not mean that you have an unconscious subconscious. In it surely are stored creative plans, innovative ideas and enthusiasm. It happens that your mind and your spirit think more about the future than in the past.

You are a transparent person, and others appreciate you for it. You do not give too much thought to things and usually have a positive look at everything. You are one of those who have the cherry that to get ahead, you just have to work to achieve it.

Sure you have passed, like everyone else, through difficult situations. But your ability to adapt, and your confidence have helped you to resolve those traumas and leave them behind.

If you saw the skull first

If the first thing you noticed was the skull, it is that you have enough unresolved problems that are turning in your head, even if you do not think about them. Surely you are the kind of person that when a problem appears that he does not know how to solve, he prefers to avoid it.

It is not that you are not able to get ahead, but you have a tendency to store problems and pretend that they do not exist. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and the things that you can not solve always reappear.

With your friends and associates you are the opposite: the best counselor, and the one who always has the right word to help others solve their problems. Maybe you should start trusting more in your own advice, and also pay attention to them when applying them to your own life.

Your intelligence and your complexity make that, even if it takes time to find a solution for things, in the end you never regret the decisions you have made.

If you looked at the plants

Did you really notice that detail first? Well, without doubt you are a very particular person. You differ from the rest, and you know it. Your subconscious has a lot to do with it: it is always working and wanting to go out, demonstrating all its intuition and creativity.

Seeing where others do not see can be your best advantage, and although sometimes that same makes you suffer, you should not be discouraged: your special perception is a gift, and soon you will notice.


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