Footage Proving She Was Home At The Time Of Alleged Swat On Brittney Taylor

Remy Ma has visual evidence that will prove her innocence in her swat case,TMZ reports.According to her lawyer, Dawn Florio, Remy has security cameras stationed in her house that prove she was home at 9:30 p.m. on April 16. That’s the exact time her co-star, Love & H-ip Hop: New York’s Brittney Taylor attest Remy punched her backstage at Irving Plaza. Florio adds that prosecutors were “dumbfounded” in court this week when Remy’s team claimed they had the evidence. Florio’s convinced Taylor’s case will be dropped and Remy will be cleared of charges once the home security footage is reviewed.

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Florio maintains that there’s no surveillance footage from Irving Plaza that upholds Taylor’s claim about the swat taking place in the green room area.

The lawyer also says she’s acquired a photo of Taylor from the night of the purported swat, time-stamped hours afterward where no wound can be seen on her face. Additionally, Florio asserts that before Remy arrived at the venue, she stopped by Target to purchase items for her baby and didn’t get to Irving Plaza til 10:45 p.m., 15 minutes before her scheduled performance In April, Taylor took to social media with claims that she and Remy got into an altercation backstage at Irving Plaza. According to Taylor, things quickly escalated, leading to Remy reportedly punching Taylor in the face.

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The rapper turned herself into the cop on Wednesday and was booked for misdemeanor swat. Remy has been on parole since she was released from lock-up in 2014.

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