Foster Mom Takes 3 Kids To Walmart, Gets To Young Cashier In Line And Says, ‘I’m Sorry’ [Video]

Nick Tate was working his cash register at Walmart in Newcastle, Oklahoma. Nick is known to be a talkative, friendly cashier. He is always showing interest and compassion towards the customers. Even when a foster mother came through with two unruly little girls and an infant. Nick was working his evening shift on Friday night when the incident occurred. When the woman and her children approached Nick he simply asked: “One of those days?”

The woman was visibly nervous and didn’t want to hold up the line any more than she had to. She apologized to Nick before pulling out a WIC card. A WIC card is a part of a federal program that supplies food to new mothers who aren’t able to afford to provide food for their children.

She then explained to Nick that she had never used a WIC card before and was unsure about how it works. Nick swiped the card several times, but the card wasn’t working. It was apparent that the woman had items that could not be paid for using WIC. That’s when Nick decided to do something that most people would never do. Nick paid for the food for her.

It is rare to see such generosity. Nick’s actions can be an inspiration to us all, so be sure to spread the word about Nick’s positive attitude by showing this article to your friends.

The woman used Facebook to express her gratitude towards Nick. You can see Nick tell his side of the story in the video below.

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