Gay Teacher Fabulously Shuts Down Homophobic Mom Who Pulled Her Kids From His Class.

A theatre teacher has lost two students after a mother learned of the his physicality.The mother text 26-year-old Michael Nari saying that she would no longer let her children partake in his class.The teacher from Kidderminster runs the Talking Props Theatre School, which the children were due to attend. The mother said: “I have recently learned of your lifestyle and as a Christian I cannot allow my children to be influenced by unconventional ideas… it is our belief that a man should marry a woman.”

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He posted the message from the mother on to Facebook and Twitter and has since received plenty of support, which he said he has found “overwhelming”.

One Twitter user, Mike Peters, said: “As a practicing Catholic, I am genuinely embarrassed by the person that sent this. Your response is absolutely perfect.” The mother also said she would be expecting her deposit back for the classes. Mr Nari told the Metro: “When I first saw the message I had to read it through twice.” He went on to say: “I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it was still hurtful thing to receive. I didn’t want to upset anyone, but I needed to protect myself and my organisation.”

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However, the drama teacher replied in a calm manner, saying: “From experience I find that theatre without gays is like cooking without spices.”

He ended his response by saying: “Unfortunately deposits are non-refundable but don’t worry, your deposit has been donated to StoneWall, an LGBT charity.” The women’s children were due to start classes at the theatre school on Monday, and Mr Nari had spoken to the mother only days before he received the message. Mr Nari set up the theatre school in 2014, and teaches children of all ages.

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He is still waiting on a reply, but said that the children of the mother were always welcome to join his class in the future.

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