Girl Asks Pro Hockey Player To Be Her “Valentine” & He Has The Best Response [Video]

Can Mitch Marner be any better of a human being? One little ​Toronto Maple Leafs fan has quite the crush on Marner and was brave enough to ask for him to be her Valentine. The superstar forward decided to give her a memory that will certainly last a lifetime.

That little girl can forever say that Mitch Marner was her Valentine in 2019.

A puck from a celebrity crush certainly beats out any of those cheesy cartoon Valentine’s Day cards that she inevitably got from her classmates. She will always remember that moment and probably won’t get a better Valentine’s gift for the rest of her life.

That’s the power some athletes have.

Marner’s girlfriend will have to settle for next year because he’s found himself a new Valentine.

Marner would lead his Leafs to a 6-3 victory over the Knights, scoring one goal and adding another assist. ​The young forward is surrounded with plenty of contract controversy, but it’s nice to remember that these guys are more than just athletes and can bring joy to fans in the littlest of gestures.

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