Girlfriend Hired A Woman To Test Boyfriend’s Loyalty But The Whole Plan Backfired With A Twist

Long distance relationships are hard, as anyone who has ever been in one will tell you. It essentially means you experience the worst aspects of being in a relationship and being single, all in one inconvenient package. Trust is particularly important in such relationships, because without it paranoia can set in and things can get real messy – like it did for Alysha Bush and Kourbine Lee. The 23-year-olds are no longer together as a result of a plot formed by Alysha that backfired horribly. The pair up last summer after a year-and-a-half in a long distance relationship together, with Alysha living in Arizona and Kourbine living in California.

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Predictably, the distance between them became increasingly challenging, and Alysha said feelings of suspicion began to grow.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, she said: “We were already so far apart, there was just lack of communication, we were subliminally trying to make each other jealous over social media. “I went to Vegas with him and his family friends and he was very distant from me, he was looking and kind of hi-tting on other girls in front of me in Vegas.” In order to establish for good whether she was right to be mistrustful, Alysha hatched a plan to test Kourbine’s loyalty. She found a woman online, called Paula Contento, who went to the same gym as Kourbine, and she paid her $50 to h-it on him and report back to her.Paula agreed to the deal and later told Alysha that she had been on a date with Kourbine and even ‘hooked up’ with him, which was surely way beyond.

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The brief; you were supposed to just see if he seemed game for a rendez vous Paula.

Unsurprisingly, Alysha called it off with Kourbine, but there was a big fat juicy plot twist still to come when the pair appeared on Snapchat’s relationship show, Second Chance. On it, Alysha pleaded with her former flame to admit to his supposed infidelity, but he maintained his innocence. When he asked why she was so certain of it, she revealed her plot. What with this being a TV show, Paula then appeared via a video call and initially repeated her original account. But after Kourbine asked her why she would lie, she spilt the beans. She said: “I didn’t think that she deserved you, so I lied. Clearly, she doesn’t value the faithful, amazing man that you are. I thought, you know, maybe I have a chance.”

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Alysha was subsequently forced to tuck into a big fat portion of humble pie, which she could have perhaps paid for with the refund she presumably demanded from Paula.

The moral of the story then – if you trust a total stranger more than you’re partner, something is very badly wrong. But in a round about way, I guess the plot worked out, in the sense that it ended a clearly unhealthy relationship.

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