He Hasn’t Cut Hair Since Mom Di-ed. Years Later, It’s Finally Time To See Who’s Hiding Underneath [Video]

On December 2, Rachael Ray invited a man onto her show to do a complete makeover for his wedding anniversary. His wife had nominated him wanting to see the man she knew 30 years ago when they were married.Kevin does a good job of taking care of himself and his wife, Toni, loves him very much.

There’s just one thing: He has not cut his hair in five years. With locks cascading over his shoulders down to his waist and a white beard that would rival Santa Claus’, Kevin looked very much like a cross between ZZ Top and a motorcycle ga-ngster. Maybe it was the way he smiled and laughed a deep, jovial laugh, or the way Toni grasped onto his arm so lovingly.

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You just knew underneath all the hair was a kindhearted and loving man.

As he stood there next to Toni, talking and joking with Rachael Ray and stylist Stacy London, there was much more to this man than his shaggy hair.

So when Stacy asked, “Why did you grow your hair? Did you just decide you wanted long hair?” we were able to see the pure heart Kevin possesses.

Kevin explained:

“About 16 years ago, I lost my mom to can-cer. She was in the backyard and she asked me to take the rest of her hair off – this is honest to goodness truth – and after that happened my daughter cut mine and I went over and spent some time with mom.”

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“After we lost her, I decided I was going to grow my hair and donate it to “Locks of Love.” This is my fourth time.”

The audience clapped as Rachael went over and gave Kevin a hug.

Speaking to Stacy, she said, “Alright, so you can mess with his outside but don’t do anything with his inside.”

Next, they moved the discussion to his makeover. Asking Toni what she wants him to look like after the makeover she said, “I want him to be the best he can be. I want him to feel good and look good.”

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Turning to Kevin, Rachael asked if he was feeling excited about undergoing this transformation.

Kevin replied, “Very much. I’m nervous because I haven’t seen what I look like in many years.”

Next, wielding her scissors, Stacy had Kevin turn so the audience could see her take the first few snips to remove the hair for his donation. Standing and holding Toni’s hands, Kevin waited for Stacy to pull his hair back and take away what he had so patiently been waiting for.

Running her fingers through the nearly two feet of hair attached to his head, Stacy commented, “It’s so luxurious! It’s clean!” With Kevin’s quick wit, he joked, “[Toni] made me take a shower this morning.”

Standing in awe at the amount of hair in her hands, the audience cheered knowing a can-cer patient’s life was about to be made special after the beautiful hair became a wig. Kevin then followed Stacy to the back for his complete makeover.

After she had finished, Kevin walked out in front of his wife and the audience looking like a whole new man. With a trimmed beard and new outfit, he turned to his wife and asked, “Date night?” melting the collective hearts of the audience including Rachael and Stacy.

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“We are all going to have to brush our teeth after this because it is so sweet!” exclaimed Rachael before making Kevin and Toni break down into tears.

After hearing they never were able to go on a honeymoon 30 years ago, Rachael decided to surprise them with a trip to the Bahamas for their anniversary!

This is yet another great example of how a kind, compassionate, and loving heart can be missed by focusing on how a person looks rather than their character.

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