Husband’s Loving Remarks Go Viral When Wife Goes Out First Time Without Wig

Samson believed that he got his strength from his long locks. For some, this may be the vain truth. For others, being bald is a sign of great strength and power. This is the case for one woman that has shown the world that bald is beautiful. Dakita Gaspaire has scarring alopecia. She wears a variety of wigs to cover her baldness and has never gone out in public with her husband without one.

Dakita developed alopecia when she was just 9 years old. Alopecia is a symptom of an autoimmune disease that causes the hair to fall out, and even in some cases causes a person to become bald.

While every case of alopecia is unique, for Dakita it is has been a secret she hides from others with a variety of colorful wigs. That is, until recently, when she unveiled her beautiful bald head to the world, unleashing her inner strength and overcoming her fear.

For her husband, Justin Gaspaire, it was a moment of pure love and beauty. Dakita was finally confident enough in herself and her hair loss to go out in public with Justin by her side. Justin is also bald, making for a perfect pairing with Dakita or as he likes to put it, “two bald eagles.”

Justin showed his appreciation and love for his wife in a moving Facebook post, writing, “My wife went out with me for the first time without a wig. She was diagnosed with scaring alopecia (hoping I spelled that correctly) years before I met her.

“I can remember the first time she showed me pics that she was bald. I remember the first time she showed me her bald head in real life.

“I remember the first pic we took together with her being bald. And now I will always remember the first time we went out together bald,” he added.

For Justin, the moment when Dakita revealed her true self to the world, became a memory that he will never forget. The two have climbed a “big cliff” together, only strengthening the bond between them.

Justin is certainly a wonderful husband that sees Dakita’s beauty inside and out. Dakita, we applaud your courage. You go, girl! Bald certainly is beautiful on you.

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