Increasing Number of Giant Babies Spread Round The Globe As Woman Gives Birth To Baby Weighing 5.2 Kg

Pushing another human out of your body is already mind-boggling, but if the other human is a giant baby weighing well over 5kg, or 13 pounds, it is earth-shattering! Why the giant baby boom? Experts say that the ideal safe birth weight for any baby in a single birth is between 2.5 kg and 3.5 kg.

Once it exceeds the upper limit, then that is a giant baby. Alarmingly, the occurrence of giant babies, known as macrosomia, is on the rise. Studies suggest that, when the mother is older than 35 and suffers from obesity or diabetes, then there is a greater chance of having a big baby.

Male babies and overdue babies are also at risk of macrosomia.

In a few cases, though, big babies may just run in the family.

The increasing occurrence of this problem has doctors worried as it may have serious health implications.

The mother may suffer a torn va-gina or ruptured uterus, while the child may develop obesity, diabetes, high b-lood pressure or cardiovascular problems in the long run.

Cases of the giant baby boom

In 2018, a woman in Russia gave birth to her fifth child, who weighed 5.9 kb. She pulled off this incredible feat without paink-llers and had her big bundle of joy naturally.

A spokesman of the medical team reported that both mother and daughter were doing well but added that the baby had an auditory problem.

One of the members of the medical team noted that:

“Other problems may occur in the future.”

Similarly, in 2011, a Texan couple, Janet Johnson and Michael Brown, welcomed their son, and he weighed 7.3 kg.

When the family left the ho-spital, they had to dress him in clothes meant for 3-6-month-olds.

Meanwhile, last December, a Facebook user, Hahn Kun, delivered a baby weighing 5.2 kg.

The brave mother took to the social media platform to share photos of her giant child.

However, the heaviest baby born to a healthy mother, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is an Italian baby born in 1955, weighing 10.2 kg.

Currently, it is difficult to ascertain if one might have a big baby while pregnant.

This is why it is important to watch your weight gain as an expectant mother, know your family medical history and have your ob-gyn watch you closely. Be mindful.

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