Kevin Hart Wasn’t Happy To Find Out His Wife Watches P-orn Featuring Men Who Look Nothing Like Him [Video]

When having discussions about po-rn in relationships, the focus is often on men, their affinity for it, and the possible effect that can have on a couple’s s-x life and overall connection. But what about when it’s the woman in the relationship who enjoys watching it, and enjoys doing so alone? It created an awkward time in the home of Kevin Hart, according to the comedian. His new standup, Irresponsible, was recently released on Netflix, and in it, he talks about finding out that wife Eniko enjoys watching po-rn alone, which he was surprised and then hurt by.

After initially being intrigued, he admitted he felt some type of way when he found out her po-rn habit involves watching men who look completely different from him. His pride got the best of him.

“That was a tough time for me,” he joked when explaining that story to Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday. “That was a tough time, that was a tough situation in my household. We were just having a conversation. It was a random conversation, and through the random conversation I was like, ‘Do you watch po-rn?’ She was like, ‘Yeah, I watch po-rn from time to time.’ I was like, ‘Get out of here! Really? Like what? What you watch?’ She was like, ‘Po-rn. Stuff.’”

“‘Let me see, let me see the stuff you watch. Let me see what your stuff is,’” he continued. “And the sh-t that she showed me…it really hurt me. It did a number. It did a h-ell of a number on me because it’s so different from what I am. It was so…everything was big. Everything. Everything. Tall, everybody was tall. I got mad! ‘What is this? What is this?!’ She was like, ‘What? I like that stuff?’ [Laughs]”

This will probably raise an eyebrow for some, considering the world knows that while he’s worried about what po-rn she’s watching, Kevin was caught ch-eating on his wife not too long ago when Eniko was pregnant with their son, Kenzo. I think we would all agree that she should be allowed to watch and do what the h-ell she wants at this point.

Interesting enough though, in the stand-up, Hart said that after watching po-rn with Eniko, they shared another uncomfortable moment when he tried to bring a move he saw in the film into their bedroom.

“Out of nowhere I sp-it on my wife,” he said in Irresponsible. “It was quick. Right in her f–king forehead. A loogie right on her godd–n forehead. There was an awkward beat of silence. Nobody said nothing. It was quiet. Out of nowhere she was like, ‘You just f–king sp-it on me!’ The complete opposite reaction from the lady in the po-rn. The lady in the po-rn went crazy when it happened…I had to go downstairs and get a baby wipe, clean her head off. That was embarrassing.”

Check out the funny conversation they had about Eniko’s tastes in ad-ult films starting at the 1:30 mark below, and check out Irresponsible, if you’d like, available on Netflix now.

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