Kind Cashier Followed Elderly Man In Only Shirt And Diaper To Make Sure He Arrived Home Safely

Xiao Xuan visited a convenience store in Tainan, Taiwan, to have breakfast with her son. That morning, she witnessed a touching scene. The very first thing that caught her attention was an old man in diapers entering the convenience store. This old man was only wearing a shirt and a diaper. She guessed he could be an Alzheimer’s patient, as Xiao Xuan’s grandpa had the same disease. The old man then bought several bottles of milk, however, cashier was overheard telling him gently, “You can only buy 4 bottles of milk.”Hearing this, Xiao Xuan pondered why was the cashier stopped him from buying more bottles of milk.

“Isn’t it better if he buys more?” she thought.

The cashier later explained that the old man had Alzheimer’s, and had always been a regular customer. Apparently, he could only finish a few bottles, and the amount he wanted to buy was too much for him.

Then, the old man insisted to buy a big bottle of milk. “Ok, you can only buy this big bottle of milk. You cannot buy those small bottles, or else you won’t be able to finish them,” the cashier told him. After paying his bill, the elderly man walked away, but the next moment Xiao saw the cashier leaving his desk. Then the cashier quietly followed the elderly man as he walked out of the store and made his way home.

Ten minutes later, the cashier returned to the store, seemingly after ensuring the elderly man had safely reached home. The cashier regularly did this for the old man.

Xiao shared the snapshots of this cashier’s kindness on Facebook. The cashier even helped the elderly man to carry his bag.

Xiao Xuan’s Facebook post has since gone viral, garnering more than 44,000 reactions. Many netizens are impressed by the cashier’s warm-hearted gesture.

One Facebook user wrote: “Our society needs someone like him. I applaud him for his kindness!”

“He is so thoughtful. What a heartwarming story,” another commented.

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