Did You Know, What Does The Last Digit Of Your Birth Year Reveal About You?

The year you are born can play a significant role in your life. But, probably the most significant number is the last number of your year of birth. There are various elements that actually represent this number. There are five elements – air, water, fire, earth and wood. These are the elements that can actually reveal a lot about the character of a person, the habits as well as many other things connected with the individual. So, in what year were you born? Take the last number of the year you were born in and find out your own element. For an example, if you are born in 1987, then you will choose the element under the digit 7, which is fire.

Metal (0-1)

Those who have the metal element have a very strong character as well as resillience. These people are usually quite reserved and independent, and they are always willing to act on their own accord. What they seek is to live in harmony and love. These people know exactly what they want, and they will do anything in order to achieve their goals. The disadvantage here is that they desire for a lot of power, lot of money and luxury goods. They are frequently adamant and unforgiving of any lapses.

Water (2-3)

The representatives of the water element usually possess qualities such as charm, kindness, compassion for other people and so on. Also they have a great imagination and a lot of creativity, and this is what actually makes them successful in professions which are related to art. All of these people have a highly developed intuition, and they are also very detail oriented.

Wood (4-5)

The representatives of this element are usually hard working and have a lot of self confidence. They dream of exploring the world around them, they love strange places, riddles, they also have the desire for novelty, new experiences, and they never behave selfish or in a narcissistic way.

Fire (6-7)

Those people who are representatives of this element are the real advanturers here, because they always dream of taking a trip around the entire world. They usually have a habit of jumping into things way too quickly. The people of this particular element are very spontaneous and charming, and thy definitely know exactly how to attract people.

Earth (8-9)

Finally, the representatives of this element are very ambitious and quite reliable. They can carefully consider every single thing, and they never ever do any crazy things. The earth people are those who are in love with discipline as well as order, so they always tend to live on their own schedule. Anything unknown is by fat their biggest fear.


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