Large Group Of Teens Tips Waiter Only $3.28. A Few Days Later This Note Is Handed To Him

Teenagers come to a phase in their life where they want to grow up fast. They want to explore ‘grown-up’ things in life and this includes being independent. However, they fail to realize that sometimes, being a kid or a teenager is fun and they should enjoy it while they still can. A group of teenagers gave their “grown-up” experience a go and decided to dine in a fancy restaurant but ended up not knowing what a “waiter tip” really is. Waiters do not really have an impressive wage unless their customers leave a tip. Many would argue that this should be the restaurant’s responsibility and not put this burden to their customers, we should accept that this is the way things are especially in the American restaurant industry.

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This might not be fair for some people, but if a waiter did a great job and serves the customer well, the customer can choose to leave a fair tip or not, but most of the time, we do.

A waiter in Los Angeles served a group of teenagers as they were headed to their homecoming dance. He knew that these teens are looking forward to this dance so he made sure that they had a pleasant experience at the restaurant. However, these kids left him a despicable tip.

Despite his efforts is making sure of their pleasant time restaurant, these teens left him with $3. 28. Not a good amount after you spent your time and effort for a “customer satisfaction guaranteed” experience. He just let it go and went home, but he was upset for the students who did not even appreciate his hard work.

Several days later, the waiter moved on and forgot about what happened that night. His life went back to normal.

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After 10 days he received a letter and he was shocked to learn that this is from those teenagers!


Written by Diana

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