Loving Husband Shares Proud Moment He And Wife With Alopecia Go Out In Public Bald Together

For a lot of people, especially women, not having any hair is like not having a body part or something of equal importance. However, Dakita Gaspaire has just shown the world that beauty and self-confidence can be achieved without having a single strand of hair on the head.

Dakita has battled with alopecia for over two decades and she has worn quite a variety of wigs during this time. Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder which causes baldness as a result of the body’s immune system a-ttacking the hair follicles. Alopecia has no cure and can only be managed through various treatments.

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This is the condition that Dakita has had to deal with since she was 9 years old.

When she met her husband, Justin, and told him about it, he could not love her more! Justin was so proud to tell the world about the first time he and his wife went out and she did not wear a wig that he shared of photo of both of them on Facebook.

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Being a bald man himself, Justin called their combo ‘Bald Eagles.’ They looked good together. In the caption of the heartwarming photo, Justin wrote: “I remember the first time she showed me her bald head in real life. I remember the first pic we took together with her being bald. And now I will always remember the first time we went out together bald.”

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Dakita did look very beautiful and seemed very satisfied to be in her husband’s arms.

However, Dakita is not the only one that has gained confidence enough to show off her hairless head in public. 21-years-old Zoe Wright has dealt with alopecia since she was about 2-years-old and now she decided to shave it all off and go bald.

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Zoe revealed that she was regularly mistaken for a c-ancer patient, but she always took her time to explain her condition to them so that she could raise awareness about people with alopecia.

According to Zoe, shaving her head was her way of gaining power and confidence over her alopecia, and she wanted to help others that way.

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Zoe also revealed that if her hair magically grew back, she would shave it all over again as she has grown to love her look. Kudos to Justin for being a true gentleman to his wife. Women with alopecia are not less beautiful due to not having hair. Dakita and Zoe are proof of that. Hopefully, their story may help renew people’s mindset about the condition.

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