Man ‘Bul-lied At Work’ St-eals £170,000 From Bosses And Blows It On Powder And Girls

A miserable accountant ripped off £170,000 from his bosses and splurged it all in one weekend on coc-aine and pro-stitutes. Accounts worker Darren Carvill st-ole a total of £260,000 from the car servicing chain Mr Clutch, which he squandered on d-rug-fuelled s-x with high-class escorts.

The awkward 38-year-old admitted almost bankrupting Mr Clutch by st-ealing a fortune.

The head office worker has now been jailed for two-and-a-half years after admitting 18 fraud charges. Maidstone Crown Court heard Carvill suffered from low self-esteem and was bul-lied by a colleague. He then became addicted to a life of high-class escort parties and loved being surrounded by ‘glamourous people’ and d-rugs. He funded his lifestyle by filing bogus payments to himself. The court heard once he realized he was about to be caught, he wanted to ‘go out with a bang’. He then spent the cost of a three-bed house in just 48 hours.

His barrister James Ross said: ‘It was a weekend of madness’. ‘He has had a very unhappy life. For most of his life, he has been bul-lied.

‘He has suffered from very low self-esteem and social awkwardness. ‘He says he was a good employee and worked long hours and did good work. ‘He says his bosses had shown them nothing but kindness.

‘But other than the owners, there was at least one person who subjected him to ridicule and caused a downward spiral.’ Mr.

Ross added that Carvill, of Maidstone, Kent, almost brought the Mr. Clutch company – with its numerous franchises – to its knees. Some employees went without pay for five months and the firm now faces years of repaying money it borrowed to cover the bills.

The crooked worker transferred a total of £262,000 from multiple franchises, which he disguised as payments to genuine suppliers and traders. He said initially he planned to repay the money that he was using to deal with his ‘sham and unhappy life’. But his barrister Mr. Ross said Carvill was ‘deluded’ in thinking that he was merely borrowing and not st-ealing the money.

Se-ntencing Judge Philip St John-Stevens said Carvill had ‘pushed the self-destruct’ button but accepted his remorse was genuine.

The court heard the defendant, who paid wages and bills for the company, had previous convictions for ripping off a previous employer. In 2008 he was given a suspended year j-ail sentence at Maidstone Crown Court for embezzling a travel company out of money. Carvill now faces a financial investigation under the Proceeds of Cr-ime Act to try to recover the missing cash.

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