Man Looks At Wife Of 59 Years And Says “I Know You Can’t Hear Me, But I Love You”

Love means different things to different people, but for most of us it means finding that one person that we get to spend the next decades of our lives with.Unfortunately, there will come a time where we have to say goodbye to the one we love. After sharing 59 years with his wife, Bobby Moore understandably struggled when his own time to say goodbye came. In the picture , captured by photographer April Yurcevic Shepperd, Bobby can be seen sitting next to his late wife’s coffin. But a photo cannot do justice to what really happened at the moment. According to April, who narrated the story, Bobby had come in hours earlier to see his wife, Jerry Elaine, one last time.

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As soon as he got to her, he leaned down and kissed “her painted lips” while clearly struggling to hold himself up. Then Bobby said the sweetest, gentlest words to his wife of almost six decades. They were words that he must have been said to her hundreds of times before. however, it was different this time around. This time around, it was shrouded in finality.

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Bobby said: I know you can’t hear me. But I love you. Even though he had spent many years with the love of his life, it felt as though it was not long enough. After declaring his love, Bobby pulled up a chair and sat.

He stayed there for nearly an hour and, in that time, he caressed Jerry Elaine’s arms and “patted her hands,” April described. The fact that her skin was cold or that her body was stiff did not deter Bobby. He was simply there for her, and in a way, comforting himself as well. As family members began to arrive, he stayed nearby for hours until his own body demanded rest.

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April was moved by this scene and so were many others after she shared the goodbye photo. It was every bit as heart-wrenching as one might expect, and it definitely evoked more than just a few tears.

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